Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes
Model No :- FFAE
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Brand :- Fashion Fever
Price :- 75.00 AED
Category :- Makeup , Eyes
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For clear, comfortable and healthy vision with contact lenses, ANGEL EYES Cosmetic Contact Lens is a name you can trust.A whole new way to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with clean edge, distinctive highlights & creates natural looking effect.
Contain: Two sterile contact lenses (52%poly 2-hema,48% water) immersed in buffered 0.9% saline solution, Keep in below 30.C.

How to Apply

1.Please wash your hands with solution.
2.Please put the lens on the right second finger.
3.Please widely open your eye with pulling upper eyelid by left middle finger and lower eyelid by right middle finger.
4.Please place the lens softly on the pupil.
5.Please close your eyes softly to place lens on the center and softly touch the eyelid.
How to Take off  Lens:
1.Please wash your hands.
2.Please widely open your eye with fingers.
3.Please remove lens with grasping the lens with right thumb and second finger.

*Even through the lens is available for continuous wearing, daily cleansing should be done. it is recommended to use protein-removal at least once every two weeks for freshness.
Change solution in the lens carring case daily after used.