About Us

Fashion Fever is the brand of professional makeup artists – now available to the public that creates high performance cosmetics products and accessories for all needs and for all complexions.

We are brand used backstage by professional’s makeup artists and all lovers around the world to shine either on stage or in everyday life. This is an amazing opportunity to enter into a world of beauty. We are a well known professional makeup with a customer base of high-end boutiques and retailers across the globe.



Fashion Fever is a professional makeup brand established by two young men in 2000 whose main products are cosmetics especially for ordinary consumers and makeup artists. In the year of 2000, these brothers with avant grades art minds founded the Fashion Fever Professional makeup brand. Their original intention was to meet professional’s needs of a variety of makeup styles so as to get various effects from traditional classic to extravagant luxury.


In 2009,Brand Fashion Fever entered the Arab market , Developing the concept of professional art fashion which had made Fashion For not only intimate and simple and practical but also artistic and with attitude towards life. Have Fashion Fever have the magic to be your own special makeup artist.


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Fashion Fever has opened a lot of stores worldwide, where you can buy nearly a thousand kinds of products from Fashion Fever makeup kingdom including liquid foundations, Eye shadows, Lipsticks, Lip-gloss, eyeliners, Loose powders, make-up removers , wipers false eyelashes, sequins and artistic makeup and special makeup products.